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The Story From A Broken Mind

Text between Amanda Makar and Michael Granata about Lilly Makar. 9/6/16 to 11/11/16

These are text to my ex, Amanda Makar of Latrobe, to talk to or see my daughter, Lilly Makar, from me Michael Granata. Amanda Makar will not even respond now. … Continue reading

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Ugly 10.12.16

I got some issues that no one sees. I often wounder if i cut to be ugly Or to cover up the ugly Why do I feel Ugly in the … Continue reading

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Why do Dad’s have to try so hard to get what mom’s get automatically?

I had to have my attorney write and letter to my daughter’s, Lilly Makar, school so I can get information, because her mother Amanda Makar not willing to talk to … Continue reading

September 19, 2016 · 1 Comment

texts between Amanda Makar and Michael Granata about Lilly Makar from early mid 2016,

Texts between Me and Lilly Makar’s Mother Amanda Makar and myself Michael Granata from early mid 2016. these have not been edited in any way.

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Other Cards I have mailed to Lilly

I miss Lilly and try to show it by sending card to say hey baby girl I miss you more then anything in the worl. But I don’t know if … Continue reading

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Amanda Makar – Read This

Dear Amanda Makar Please feel free to try to use thing on this site against me.  Because unlike you I don’t hide who I am from the world. I am … Continue reading

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Lori Bauer telling Michael Granata that he will never see Lilly Makar (Daughter) again.

This is a video recording of a voicemail left by Lori Bauer for Michael Granata (Me) on my cell phone number.  The sum of the message is that she will … Continue reading

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