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The Story That Is My Life

The game 9/27/16

  IF death is a release then I asked to be released.   and the  night is young. More to come I am sure i think update the voice have … Continue reading

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These are my friends? – Journal 9/27/16

I guess I should not blame them for being brained washed by Jennifer Carson. Jenn is extremely multiplicative and they feel for her shit. Heck she has been in trouble … Continue reading

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Depression 9/26/16

“When you want to fool the world, tell the truth.”-Otto von Bismarck When you lose someone you thought you could trust, that you thought was a real friend you could … Continue reading

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Ever feel out of Place – Journal 9/12/16

Every feel out of place in a place you where invited, unable to get comfortable? That ever warm “Hello” is secretly covered up and meant to be a “go away, … Continue reading

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An old Journal I found

Below is an old journal I found from what looks like its from 2005 to 2009. I did not edit it at all I just copied and pasted it to … Continue reading

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What do you do? 3/ 21/15

When there is no one to distract you. When what do you do? When being alive feels so wrong. What do you do? When everyone’s an enemy. What do you … Continue reading

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Triggering SI Triggering (New pic 3/18/15)

 These are my new scares from my self injury they are there to the story of Lisa.  And the Loss of her only time will tell it there will be more. Because the pain is … Continue reading

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