Mike's Struggle

The Story From A Broken Mind

Mike’s Weight Battle 


An old picture from the last diet.

I am currently (6/26/17)  442 pounds. My goal is 180 pounds. The lowest I have been in the last 5 years is 220 ish pounds. My weight is directly affected by my mental health because I am at a loss at a lot of things. Like I do not feel comfortable being outside of my house by my self. See more here

  • 6/26/17 – Today my weight dropped below what my scale can weight and instead getting an error like I have been all year it said 442. So now I can start weighting myself again and tracking the progress.
  • 4/11/17 Because of my laziness and the Reseridone and other mental health medications my weight has gone up to 515pound. I really need to start changing things or this will kill me.
  • 2/27/17 Sorry I don’t update this like I should. My weight is around 455 pounds but my new medications don’t make me feel hungry or they just make me feel full I don’t know which but I like this feeling.
  • 1/27/17 I went to the doctor and they weight me at 455 pounds.
  • Update: 9/26  My weight has gone up. I weighted myself at rite aid on 9/24 I think was the date and I gained 5 pounds back. I have been emotionaly eating because of the pain, stress and anxiety of late.  and today all I want to do is dive head frist into a bag of m&Ms or recesses cups.
  • Update: 9/14 I current weight 430 pounds.(Via Rite Aid machine)

More Coming soon….

This is still a work in progress, and will all-ways be update……..

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