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Mailed out Lilly’s Christmas Gifts

I mailed out my daughters Lilly Makar Christmas gifts. I left bad bacuse it took me to the 11th of Janauray 2017 to mail them out because I could not get a ride before that.

I trued to get out to see Lilly but her mother Amanda Makar would not answer my texts or calls. (see my texts to Amanda here). But Lilly got her gifts on the 12th at her Grandmorthers house ( Lorrie ).  I believe Tim, Lilly Grandfather, signed for the package because the USPS noticed said ” T Bauer ” so I know the gifts arrived on there safely.

As if Lilly gets them I do not know. Depends on how much her mother ( Amanda ) has to do with it. So sad that Amanda is such a petty small person to do this to me and others.

Well one can only hope that Lilly got the gifts and knows that I love her and am thinking of her. And that this year will bring about a change and I will be able to see Lilly again. I miss her so much every day.



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