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My Whovian Christmas (2016)

My Christmas was not bad despite that it was over showed with depression from not being able to see my daughter Lilly Makar. Most of my gifts where Doctor Who related, my friends know me well lol. And I had a small dinner on Christmas Eve for my Mom, Sister, Dad, George and Tina. It was okay we had fish and sides and I made a shit ton of cookies.

My Dad bought for me, and I also bought for me more, Doctor Who Funko Pop’s, I currently have about half of all the Dr Who Pop’s available right now. Hoping Funko puts out more in 2017. 12

I also got two Dr Who mugs this Christmas on I bought myself and one my Mother & Sister got for me.


Gift From Mom And Sister



And this shower curtain that I use as a door was also from my Mother and Sister, as was the Tardis parking only sign.


And this really awesome Calendar was from my friend Bonnie.


My dad also got me some Minion stuff.


And my other friend George and his wife Tina got me a Gift Card to Walmart. So over all it was not as bad of a holiday as it could have been.


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