Mike's Struggle

The Story From A Broken Mind


7iakrgkjtI can’t live like this
I can’t live this life
You just ignore me
But I blend in like the wall paper
I can’t ignore them
The voices that scar me
I can’t live like this
I’m begging now
For the way out
But as much as I have tried
I can’t end it
I can’t live like this
Failing at everything
And the voice let me know
Know just how much a failure I am
I can’t live like this, I say to myself

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Written By & Posted by

Mr Michael J Granata


Facebook.com/MichaelJohnGranata          Twitter.com/Mikes_Struggle        Youtube.com/E7K2I4M

“Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn’t go away.” – Philip K. Dick

“The way I see it, every life is a pile of good things and bad things. The good things don’t always soften the bad things, but vice versa, the bad things don’t always spoil the good things and make them unimportant.” — Doctor Who


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