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The mistake of trying to own a car (Journal 12/7/16)


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Living with mental illness effects everything you touch. The things people do that seems so normal like work, have a car, keeping an apartment, or home ownership is often a dream or at minimum a huge challenge.  Like I know I will never own a house because my income is so low and my ability to work is sporadic at best.  Not to mention that because of my metal illness and felonies because of my metal illness I can not get a job much past minim wage.

Here is the most recent example from my life.

In November I found a 2004 Ford Explorer at Best Motors Inc located 300 Newell Street Youngwood, PA 15697 for 2350.oo. It seemed to run great and had no noticeable noises and started right up. I say that like I am a mechanic lol,  anyway I test drove it around the streets of Youngwood twice and the transmission seemed to shift well. The body has some rust on it and there was a big dent in the driver side but for the price I knew I was not going to get something perfect.  And it only had 130k miles and that was low compared to some of the other vehicles I was looking at in the same price range.

I did not have enough money for the explorer so I borrowed about 1200.oo dollars on top of what I have saved to get it.  So I bought it from Best Motors Inc for 2350.oo on 11/22/2016. This is not meant to be a review of Best Motors Inc no matter the quality of the vehicle I bought because I bought it “as is”.  The total after tax, plate and title was a little over 2650.oo dollars.

And knowing I bought a used car I took it to Mr Tire in New Stanton on 11/23/16. And they looked it over as best as they could and it need a few things. I believe rear shocks and something in the steering also. Plus I had an oil change done and wiper blades put on. The total cost was a little less then 730.oo dollars which I also borrowed knowing that I need to save the rest of the money in my savings for tax time. The 1st biggest mistake I made this year was working 1099 work for UsPack. But this is not about that.


Picture of Explorer

Let me say this as my review of Mr Tire in New Stanton, they are awesome. The help you out, explain everything they do so that you understand it and will save you every dime they can. I have been going to this Mr Tire since I moved out to New Stanton in 2013 and they have never let me down. I have also used the Mr Tire in Irwin when I lived out that way and let me tell you that the chain itself is a good place to go well at least the ones I have had the chance to visit.

So over Thanksgiving my new-used car was in the shop and I got it back on 11/25/16.  And I thought that I had done good because the only other thing the car need for inspection was new tires, but Mr Tire said the tires where just at the level need to pass inspection so my plan was to get the Explorer inspected in December and then get a tire a month till they where all replaced.

But if that was the end of it, well it would not be my story / luck. So on Sunday 12/4/2016 I took my dad, mom and sister to Walmart and the “Check gauge” light came on and would go out once the rpm reached 2000. So I knew it had to go back to Mr Tire.  I regret taking that trip but I did not know what was wrong with it.

So today 12/7/16 my dad and I took my Explorer to Mr Tire and I got the bad news, the oil pump is bad. Expected cost of 750.00 dollars and that could go up. And the lady at Mr Tire warned me that this issue could mean 50/50 chance there is damage to the motor.

So if for some reason i walk away lucky all I do is deplete my savings which is for money I will owe on my taxes which will be an large issue for next year. Or the whole motor is fucked and the car is going to the junk yard and I wasted 1000.oo of dollars and will owe about 1800.oo for a vehicle that I can’t drive. 1800.oo that will take me 18 months to pay off. Because no one will leaned me he 5000.oo dollars to put a new motor in if that is the case.

Maybe I am just bitching because I feel this is a weight that I have because I can’t hold a steady job. Which means I can’t get a good car. Maybe this is just the world we live in and has nothing to do with my metal illness or it has everything to do with my broken mind. I don’t know.

But i do know that I am so very much tired of struggling to do what most people seem to do effortlessly. I wake up ever morning wishing that my car accident in September would have killed me.


Update: December 9th 2016 Mr Tire called me and told me it in there view would be better to put a new motor in the Explorer and I can not fight the logic. The cost of doing the oil pump is about half of what the motor would cost. And it would be put me farther in a hole I can’t get out of. So either there is a new motor going in it or it’s a 3200.oo dollar (what I have in it now) mistake that is going to the junk yard.

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