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I got me a TARDIS :)

20161120_055645Okay so it is not a real time machine, lol.

So I was out shopping with family that just moved back to Pennsylvania from the west coast and I wanted to show them Five Below. Which if you don’t know is a store where everything is 5 dollars or less.

So we where walking around and they had Christmas stuff out. You know like all the stores on the planet who forget that Thanksgiving is a holiday. Well they had Dr Who Christmas ornaments and I noticed that the part that would hold the hook was a small little loop type screw. If it screws in, then it screw out I thought to myself.  So I bough a TARSIS, Dalek, and K-9 (I believe MkIII).

So I brought them home and I was right the loop unscrewed out and only left a small hole that really can not be seen. So now I have three more Dr Who things and they will be out all year round instead of sitting in a dark box 10 months out of the year.

It is the little things that make me smile, like finding Doctor Who stuff for 5 bucks to add to the collection.



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