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My Chestnut Ridge Counseling Services Complaint – Journal

bad_doctor-640x480 This will be update and added too.


I could tell you how great the nurse that does the 305 stff is. She listened to me rant for like 30 minutes. She was compassionate and caring. 

Then I went out to wait for the Dr and right now he is 28 minutes late. 
Here is the pictures I said I would try to get. 

Sorry the one is blurry I needed to get it before anyone walked in.

= = = = = =

9/12/16    I have been going to Chestnut Ridge Counseling Services in Greensburg, Pa for several years, I think I started in 2012, even before the 305 commitment.  The attached form that Dr Jeff, more on him below, filled out said 2013 was the first time seen but I think that was just his date not the facilities, or I could be wrong.

Now you probably are thinking why keep going if you have Complaint(s). Because all the place are the same. They are “box store” cut outs that only care about profits. Yeah there commercials say they care, but do they really? Look at there hours, how can someone work and see them?

And their commercial say that people who are untreated will cost there employers 1000’s of dollars. No lets say person A say I might be depressed and goes. No because of there hours he has to take time off work and needs a Doctors note. So he gets one and gives it to his boss who sees the name and thinks of the commercial. Good brand placement yes, helpful to the person A. NO. Here is why, so Person A did not like ChestNut Ridge so they go to New Place A. Now new place A has hours on Saturday thus Person A does not have to take off work. Goof for Person A, nope. Now moth later the boss of person A hear chestnut ridges commercial again, think of person A and how he doesn’t go anymore. Thus Person A must be costing his company 100’s of dollars.  Not to mention that there doctors notes all have Chestnut Ridge Counseling Services in big letter at the top. Hipaa anyone? What if I did not want my employer to know?

bsmrhe5cuaabhp8-png-largeThe doctor’s. Well they suck, but why. Well I seen the Doctor that they have on the TV many times, I was forced to switch and between tech issues, not having info faxed to him and the fact that he has to mail your prescriptions to Pennsylvania does not piss you off. How about “We don’t have much time today let me just change your medications” and that is words that came out of his mouth. Or the new doctor that they now have me seeing for the 305 and how she interrupts you ever time you speak and has a aura of “I am better then you”. Well a lot of the doctor do, hell if I ever seen the inpatient doctor for Westmoreland Hospital he better hope its not even by a dark ally.  Because his ass would get dragged to said ally just so he would see how better he is not. But despite my issues with that doctor and how he ruined my life. ChestNut Ridge is no better, taking out Jeff Turgen. That man is awesome but I am banned from seeing him because of the 305.

  • Jeff Turgen is the exception to the rule, probably because he is a P.A. and not a doctor. I wish he would go privet practice because I would sign up to see him that day. He helped me through stuff and would really listen. He cares, and I bet that kills Chestnut Ridge because of there policy of do not care.

The waiting room in Greensburg, Pa is soooooo small. And you can’t site anywhere that make you feel comfortable, you feel how cattle must feel when being pushed into the slaughter house. And more then half of the chairs you can pick faces you towards people standing tiring to check in so your sharing personal space with them too. It is just horrible. And the check in ladies are nice but the windows that you have to walk up to for some reason makes me think of a government office. Cold and uncaring.  I will try to get a picture but I have to get it when no one else is in the waiting room, don’t want to violate anyone’s HIPAA rights. Unlike Chestnut Ridge Counseling Services.


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