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Youngwood Internal Medicine: Dr Steven Mills Refused to treat me because of my mental illness


Update 10/6/16 They again refused me and my pain both from the accident and no accident related. I told the lady I had self Harm myself and she started talking about insurance fraud.  Like lady am I not reach out for your help. Cause I need to stop.

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I was in an accident last Friday early am. I hit a telephone poll. And I was taking to the hospital. Upon release the first time I they said to follow up with my PCP.

So I called Dr Mills at Youngwood Internal Medicine office and asked for an appointment.  Thata was easy, everything mediacl is usually hard.


I just got a call from a lady from doctor Steven Mills office telling me I need more info to see them. I told her I don’t have that and she said they would not see me with out it.

I don’t know what all this fancy medical stuff is. I don’t know who to call to get numbers from? I am lost in that world and dealing them kind of people sets me off into episodes.   All i know id the hospital said to follow up in a week so I guess instead of going to doctor Mills office I will go back to Westmoreland hospital.

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