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These are my friends? – Journal 9/27/16

I guess I should not blame them for being brained washed by Jennifer Carson. Jenn is extremely multiplicative and they feel for her shit. Heck she has been in trouble so many time as work, Westmoreland Manor, that she was ever walked off the job for it and there are people there that want her gone.

20160927_15220720160927_152222It just hurts that they would throw me away like this with out even talking to me, that hey where so ready to believe Jenn Carson lies so quick with out realizing that Jenn will just use them like she uses everyone else. a person put it perfectly that Jenn is 2 faced and it is so true.

20160927_15210620160927_152248I never did anything to them that I know of and know they will not ever return my messages to talk about it.

Maybe they where never my friends, maybe they are just believe what they want so they can make the extra income from Jenn.  I honestly don’t know what to think but the saddest part is one day they will realize Jenn is full of crap. Then they will realize that I did not do what ever Jenn said I did. But by then it would/ will be to late.

The trust is gone.

MY faith in people is gone.

My wiliness to help anyone else but me is gone. I mean why, you spend years trying to help people be honest with them and in the blink of an eye a lire comes along and destroys it all.


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“Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn’t go away.” – Philip K. Dick


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