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Early Morning Journal 9/27/16

14354877_1679320202316678_8342551470159127083_nSo I went to rite aid and bought 15 dollars worth of candy and a chocolate milk. But it is not filling the hole. Not killing the pain. So i am debating on drinking the vodka I have here.


I just know what comes next.

14355745_1679319802316718_3775247704133001768_nI had posted a comment on a post from a new place on Facebook and it made me think. I am past the point of killing just myself I want to see the hole world burn. I want to see the last world war where every man women and child are killed off. I want to see everyone die horribly.

And I tryied being a good person, I tried having friends. It all just gets you kicked in the balls in the end. No one care about you past their own needs and once their needs change and you can’t help then fuck you good bye. Or you just get tired of being used and the user tried to hurt you for not giving them what they want. It is all just a big game of who can get what from who.

So die everyone die.


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“Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn’t go away.” – Philip K. Dick


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