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Why do Dad’s have to try so hard to get what mom’s get automatically?

14264902_1675175429397822_4804533098969343812_nI had to have my attorney write and letter to my daughter’s, Lilly Makar, school so I can get information, because her mother Amanda Makar not willing to talk to me at all about my daughter. Sad that Amanda can’t get past her own feeling and do what is good for Lilly.

But I have called Latrobe Elementary School three times and yet no one will give me anything past there is a web site and I need my daughters info to log in. When I ask for her info they tell me I have to talk to the principal, so I leave all my info.  And yet I never get a call back from this person. I have rights and Amanda may not care but the school district has to.

It is really frustrating.  I mean what all have I missed all ready? Most likely open house, I think its to early for concerts and other things like that but still every day that goes by is another chance to miss something.

Why do I have to fight so hard just to know the simplest stuff?



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“Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn’t go away.” – Philip K. Dick

“Remember some people in the would don’t see tomorrow as a blessing but a nightmare.” Mike Granata


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