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I seen my Doctor today – Journal 9/9/2016

At 9:30am I seen my psych-doctor from Chestnut Ridge today.  I have now been changed from the Doctor on the TV to a new one which I like. Something about telemedicine I just don’t like. Anyway so I see the new doctor and she changed up my medications, see what changed here, and gave me some blood test scripts.

But most importantly and nerve wracking was that I needed to talk to her about my 305 commitment. And we did, and she gave me a light at the end of the tunnel. So after the appointment with the doctor I thought for about 15 minutes and for the very first time in my life signed myself into an commitment.

It was a very hard thing to do with what is all at stake with my daughter and the fact that my ex can use this against me. And the fact that me and my attorney can not file for custody for three more months now because of it. So I will not be able to see Lilly for three more months. That hits me hard to think about.

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