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The System is letting Lilly Makar Down

img001How do the lies of bad parents like Amanda Makar get believed by Child Protection Agencies?

My daughter Lilly Makar tells her teachers at Greater Latrobe School District, she tells the people at Girl Scoots, which is why she was pulled out. Lilly tells the neighbors, she tells me, her dad, and anyone that will listen that she is being abused at her mothers house.

At her birthday party  she told every adult at the party that her mother told her to stop eating so much or she would end up fat. She is like stick figure which is fine, but to tell any child this is just wrong. Amanda, Lilly Mother, also said that the doctor was right and that Lilly was retarded. And Lilly is extremely bright but has some issues reading but that will pass.

I told CYS about this, a few of the people at the party called CYS. No what happened, nothing and time after time after time Westmoreland County Children’s Bureau does nothing.

I mean really how does one household have two or three complaints investigated a month and the kids are still there? Of yeah Amanda Makar has three kids to three different guys. My daughter is the middle child. She is with her youngest child’s dad Christian Allen as of me writing this.

My daughter is going to grow up thinking the system does not care like I did. And I am stuck on the side lines helpless.





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“Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn’t go away.” – Philip K. Dick





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