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If you don’t think  anxiety is real

So I went to my PCP at Youngwood Internal Medicine (in Youngwood ) today (Friday 8/26/16). All the staff there seemed nice, it was my first visit.  And I had in my mind the conversation about getting a script or a letter from a doctor so that I can keep sutures and other medical equipment in my house legally. Because there’s some B.S. regulations about practicing medicine that you can’t keep things like that in your home without a prescription. So I felt anxiety,a lot of anxiety, I would say and 8 out of 10.

So there I was at the doctors office and the nurse called me back.  She took my blood pressure while she asked questions and I don’t know the top number but the bottom number was 100. Well she left and the doctor came in several minutes later and he said that that number was concerning among other things. We talked about it and I explain to him about my anxiety. Then I asked for the letter and we talked about why.  I explained to him that I use the sutures when I self injure to deep, and that it has been years since I needed to but i just would feel better if I could have them just in case.

The Doctor had me sign a waiver so he could talk to my therapist Sarah Benson. She is the best. And he told me he was going to have the nurse come in and take my blood pressure again.

So a different nurse came in several minutes later, and she took my blood pressure again.  The bottom number dropped to 90. Which at the time of saying this I don’t know if it’s good but the dramatic drop kind of shows that anxiety is real the you can measure extreme anxiety.

Anxiety doesn’t cause long-term high blood pressure (hypertension). But episodes of anxiety can cause dramatic, temporary spikes in your blood pressure. If those temporary spikes occur frequently, such as every day, they can cause damage to your blood vessels, heart and kidneys, as can chronic high blood pressure. – The Mayo Clinic


Posted & Written By: Michael Granata

“Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn’t go away.” – Philip K. Dick
“It is sometimes an appropriate response to reality to go insane.” – Philip K. Dick
“A diagnosis is burden enough without being burdened by secrecy and shame.” – -Unknown

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