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PyroFest 2016

Pyrofest 2016 was a blast!!!!!!

PyroFest is an affordable community event to promote & celebrate the international art of Pyrotechnics through innovative & unique presentations. This year, PyroFest is sure to amaze everyone with thrilling new displays. Pyrotechnic companies, techniques, and products from around the globe will come together effortlessly in an array of displays to include both daytime and nighttime fireworks that will dazzle everyone with a thrilling sensory and visual experience they will never forget. Now in its fifth year, PyroFest is back at Cooper’s Lake in Butler County, PA, on May 28-29, 2016, with onsite camping options. http://www.pyrofest.com

It was Lilly’s and my fourth year going to this event. We went on Saturday 28th because it is now a two day event.

It was Amber & Gavin, Lilly Makar and myself ( Michael Granata ). We took food and drinks with us but still bought snacks. The fireworks where awesome and the lazer show blew my mind.

There where more pictures of fireworks but they will not load lol


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