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Johnstown Incline Trip

Address: 711 Edgehill Dr, Johnstown, PA 15905

Lilly Makar, Emma, Bonnie and Myself (Michael Granata ) started out going to a park that the name escapes me, but the park was closed and we where half way to Johnstown so we went to see the incline.  I wish we had more time to spend in Johnstown to explore more of the town.

Pictures from near the park we wanted to go.






A picture I took of a view while driving in Johnstown.





Below are the pictures from the Incline.

The remains of the Rolling Mill Mine are located behind / underneath the bottom of the incline. We learned of this because of a strange door that we asked the Lady working the incline about. So we went and checked out the old entrance.

The Rolling Mill Mine is former mine site were a tragic gas explosion in 1902 killed 112 miners.  People have claimed to see apparitions of phantom miners walking the James Wolfe Sculpture trail that leads up to the mine entrance.


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