Mike's Struggle

The Story From A Broken Mind

Latuda / Clozaril / Venlafaxine (update / journal) 2.14.15

I just wanted to journal about the meds I am on maybe these things help others.

Some big things have been going in my life so this may not be a fair overlook of what the mix does for me. I was up to recently able to keep two jobs for two years in a roll with one trip to the hospital in the middle which is about the best i have been.  I have been taking the Latuda about two plus years with the others added in over that time,  I have recently lost someone close to me so I am on a roller coaster right now.

Symptoms (1 -5 one being lowest): Voices, (5.0) | Bad thoughts, (5.0)| Feeling/Seeing bugs, (0.0) | Shadow People, (4.0) | Normal People that aren’t real, (3.0) | Other Visual Hallucinations, (4.0) | Knocking on walls or doors (0.0) |Cat Fred, (0.0)

Feeling (1-5 One being none): Down, Depressed, Or hopeless (5.0) | Little Interest or pleasure in doing things (5.0) | Trouble failing asleep or sleeping to much (5.0) | Trouble concentrating on things (5.0) | Poor appetite or wanting to/overeating or (2.5) | Thoughts you would be better off dead (5.0) | Thought of your a screw up or failure (5.0)

Nightmares (1-5 One being not bad): (1.5)

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