Mike's Struggle

The Story From A Broken Mind

Why? 10/14/14

I use to be able to say I never ask God why. But that has not been true for some time now.

Recenty it has been why cant I have one thing to live that will not hurt me?

I adopted a cat from a local shelter. My daughter want a pet and she picked a cat. I knew that the hassle of taking care of it would not be eorth her 6 days of fun with it but I try my best to make her happy. So we got a cat.

I tried to not like it. I failed. I tried to to care for it. I failed. It started pissing all over my daughters bed, then mine. After about 2000.oo spent on cleaning, replacing things and people that said they could help I had to have her taken back to the shelter. And I got hurt.

Why cant I learn. Caring equals getting hurt.

Posted By: Mike G

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