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Journal ~ broken, feeling of.

June 30th 2014  1:39am

A mother’s family
A father’s family
Even a stepfather’s family

And might out of all them people I have two people that gives a carp about me.  That would out of the blue just call or stop by to ask how am I. Or respond if I really needed something. 

Yes a lot of them would contact me out of the blue to bitch me out if I did something they did not like, or make small talk if they seen me so they can feel good about themselves.

666-nero-trigger-10_1361533075I know my therapist would say that the thoughts of “what is wrong with me” are not correct. But I have to say that is three freaking  families, and I am not going to count the number of individual people, that don’t care.

And I am the only single denominator in every individual equation between me and all them people as a group or individual relationship.  So this would tell us that I must be the issue.

Why do I feel so broken?

Posted By: Mike G


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