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Saphris / Latuda journal (week Three)

Even thou I am not on the Saphris right now does not mean I am not logging how I feel on the other two and that my dr might not talk me into talking it again.  I just have concerns.

I am only taking the Latuda and klonopin right now but see my PDoc on Friday.


Slept all day


9:56am – Doing okay today, not too down or tired but I did just sleep two days stright basicly.
10:55am – Meeting friend at pizza joint. So trying.


4:12am – Incorporating more positve self talk into my day, mostly when driving. “I am worth it” is something I want to say 1000 times a day. Fake it to you make it right.
Still just taking the teo meds. Unsure if I want to add anything untill the self talk takes effect. You csn change with out pills I keep telling myself. Dr may not be happy but its my life success or success. 🙂


2:55am – Feeling more positive after all the affirmations I am doing. Making plans for the future and looking for a better job.
-Slept okay after meds made me nervous. I think the generic of klonopin has a negative effectiveness on me. Even made pizza for dinner and packed my lunch so hoping to save money.


5:57am – getting sick again :(. But I feel okay, I feel not overwhelming sad. Lonely yes, bored yes, really sad no. I wish I could sleep better but thst should come with a schedule.


1:09am – Feeling tired, feeling maybe down, feeling sickish. I keep on affirming myself. This may just be my feeling sick or I am a rapid cycler. I dont know. I do see my PDoc on Friday.
-I am tring to turn my day around sleep in the am and up before work (pm) so I can start groups and A.A.


3:23am – feeling not so sick but still tired. I woke up a dozen times today when I tried to sleep.
– See the doctor today and have a plan for a long day so it can spend the whole weekend with my daughter. Two whole days. 🙂 Going to talk to my doctor about getting on a antidepressant.
– Still useing my affirmation ever day trying to be more positive.
12:46pm – waiting for my pdoc and got an interview at 2pm at arrons. I have to keep thinking I am worth it. I am worth it.


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