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1/1/14 (journal)

I was awake at 5 am to 6 am. Then went back to bed and got up again around noon. I ate most of a medium sized bake at home pizza.

So far 2014 is no different then 2013.

I wished a bunch of people happy new year and got a few back. I need to break of in my head the relationships that are all reafy dead. People seem to move on way before I do, maybe that’s because I am just that stupid.




I feel like walking even if it is 37 degrees out.  I may not walk far but any amount of walking should be a positive.  Being that I feel so down.



I walked for 76 minutes, I walked up to Sheetz and back. Which is 2miles each way so i walked 4 miles.  So i was walking a 20min mile. Not bad and not good either. According to MyFittnesPal I was walking 3 mph and burned 550 calories




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