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12/27/2013 (Journal)

Fighting with my over eating. About the only thing I can still talk about on here.

If I don’t eat
if I over eat

I can’t stay from food
I cant eat to much

I fight this battlle evety day. I fight my hunger no matter which way I turn. And unlike my burning my fight is everywhere.

I watch tv and there is food adds
I go anywhere and there is chocolate or chips there.

I wish I could escape it. I did good in the hospital but I can not afford to eat healthly like that.

Why is healthy food coast way more then unhealthy?


This struggle makes my anxiety go sky high. I hate my eating problem what ever it is called.

I am back up to 300 pounds which is a gain back of 26 pounds



Posted By: Mike G

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This entry was posted on December 27, 2013 by in Journal.
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