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I am failure, natural history museum style. 11/24/13

imageI went to the Natural History Museum with my daughter, Chris, Amber, and Gavin (my daughters cousin). I thought I could cue you off of Amber and Chris. Turn out that Amber got so pissed off at Chris that she disengaged from the whole world. And Chris was so wrapped up in his mistress and text messaging her didn’t pay any attention to the world.

So I was all alone in a museum with my daughter to protect and had to try to act like everything was okay and all the peoples I seen was real.

I did not do so well in that department, because either this over attractive younger women was following me and my daughter around trying to start up several conversations or i was having an episode with my daughter present.  I have to go with being ill in front of my daughter.  Which is really fucking me up at this moment. I do not want my daughter to see my illness. I do not want her to know i am broken.

I did and pushed as good as I could till I got home. Oh course Amber, Chris, and Gavin came over and as I was trying my best but very badly holding it together me and Chris worked on my house. I do own him for all his help.


How can I be a good father and be ill at the same time? How long till my daughter sees I am sick and not normal? How long till because she sees she dose not want me as her dad anymore?

I hope she did not notice but how long till she dose, she got my smarts.

I hope she remembers the day like this


Posted By: Mike G

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