Mike's Struggle

The Story From A Broken Mind

11/11/13 Journal (triger)

I sat in my car in between my two jobs waiting for the clock to say hey stupid its time to get to work. I do not site here because of any reason then it stops me temporarily from burning myself.

Oh how the sweet glow of a flame looks dancing around doing its job so that the sting of that freshly heated metal can feel releaving upon my skin.

And since I know I am pathetically weak, I decided to sit in my car for 3 hours. And of course spend money I really don’t have on dinner I should have not ate.

I know I am a piece of crap but when it is relfected by the outside,  of my head, world it stings just a little bit more. That is that I am faceing now the rejection of my employer telling me I am not worth as much as I get paid and deffently not worth a raise. It is funny how the universe kicks you, I fought with everyone that if I stuck this job out. If I was loyal, which come easy to me, I would be rewarded. That helping the company through the tought times would make me a value. Suprise they see me as I see me. Stupid fuck that was dumb enought to stay and can be replaced easly.

What is wrong with me, I have lost money in the past few months working for them. I have volunteered time doing things way over and above what I should, I have helped improve and expained. Thinking that if I worked hard and cared they would too.

People don’t care, business don’t care, this world is full of darkness. Yet I am nagitive when I say this truth?


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