Mike's Struggle

The Story From A Broken Mind

2/8/2012 ~ 10:36am

So I had a bad day yesterday. I am just tired on “getting through things”. I don’t know why I just cant get my life in balance, it seems like I am always wobbling from one problem to a big mistake, to an destructive issue of some kind.

But what set me off was my stationary exercise bike broke.   I had all ready been feeling down, it just seems that since Jan 1st every week some new bolder appears that I am stuck in between.

I know the whole life is hard thing but at my young age I am all ready tired of the fight that we call life.

Life sucks!  And I just can’t get past this fact.  I for the last 6 weeks tried to keep up a positive attitude that this is just a bump in this years road and that things will get better.  But they have not.

I am:

Confused about the weight loss and exersie things
Worried about cash and my Step-Dads job being hes hrs where cut from mid Dec to Mid Jan.
Feeling overwhelemed
Feeling depressed
Sad over a loss of a relationship.

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