Mike's Struggle

The Story From A Broken Mind

June 22, 2009 – Monday

****Posted from another journal I wrote****

….What is truth, is it what you believe is true, is it what you can prove with fact.  what if I tell a white lie to save your feelings.  Is it not the truth because its not whats right.  cause to you it is now the truth.  How about me what i see seems true  to me, but since you cant see it dose it now become not the truth or a lie.  Is that it my head is full of lies, right.  I mean what is really the truth and how makes these rules.  why do i have to live by them, what if i like my lack of reality. because there nothing is wrong.  There is not truth there, just happiness, no pain, no pills, and no one to hurt you.  that’s seems much more like reality that i want, but then here comes the courts, pushing there truths on me.  Making me bend to there reality, with pills.

I have told my share of lies don’t get me wrong, but there where always to keep me safe from the outside world, that at every chance hurts and beats me down.  the doctor really said, and this has been bugging me, not to think of the bad stuff in your life.  How is that possible when so much of it was hell.  and that parts that weren’t was just setting me up for a bigger fall.

That’s why i lie to people, to keep them far away from me.  cause if they come close I might care for them, then they will hurt me.


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