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My struggle to see my daughter Lilly Makar

This page was started as an index to all the posts about my struggle with seeing and being in my daughters Lilly Makar ‘s life. I love Lilly and Miss … Continue reading

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A Birthday card to my Daughter Lilly Makar. 

Today, June 22nd, is my daughter Lilly Makar ‘s birthday. I’m Monday I sent a card to her. I did not send a gift because 1 I am not sure … Continue reading

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Card to Lilly June 2nd

A card I mailed out to Lilly Makar, my daughter, at the beginning of June 2017. ———— ** Go to home page ** ———— For Viewing my blog! Posted By: … Continue reading

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What Amanda Makar, of Latrobe Pa, has stolen from me

I have been thinking about Amanda Makar , my ex, mother of my daughter, resident of Latrobe Pennsylvania and thief.  I got this letter in the mail from my daughters … Continue reading

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5/3/17 – I love you card send out.

I sent out a new I love you / i miss you card today to my daughter, Lilly Makar, in Latrobe, Pa. I do not have enough cash to send … Continue reading

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Texts between Me and my Ex Amanda Makar about seeing Lilly.

I once again did not get any responses for my Ex Amanda Makar to see my Daughter Lilly Makar this month either by text, phone or letter. Here are my … Continue reading

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Is the struggle worth it?

I made the above picture on facebook from a good quote. I just wish I believed it, believed the struggle meant this or that.  That all this pain and hurt … Continue reading

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412 688 6857 is spying on you.

(412) 688-6857 is a number that called me today. They said they where from diversified collections. The lady on the phone denied that they are spying on me but they … Continue reading

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