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My solar /12v project (new)

I am finely getting around to sharing my off grid 12 volt/ solar / wind project on here. You can see some of my old projects from my past places … Continue reading

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My struggle to see my daughter Lilly Makar

This page was started as a index to all the posts about my struggle with seeing and being in my daughters Lilly Makar’s life. I love Lilly and Miss her … Continue reading

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Ugly 10.12.16

I got some issues that no one sees. I often wounder if i cut to be ugly Or to cover up the ugly Why do I feel Ugly in the … Continue reading

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Journal 10/12/16

Idk Is what to say. I am sober and don’t like it. The thoughts, the voices, the I need to run feeling. I feeling of not feeling right in your … Continue reading

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Music 10/11/16

I am smoking and listening to music. “Let the bent screwdriver always fall in favor of My “not my drug dealer””. Mike G Blaaaaaahh ha haha ha .https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sCaq027JTGI Thanks For … Continue reading

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My Chestnut Ridge Counseling Services Complaint – Journal

This will be update and added too. 10/10/16 I could tell you how great the nurse that does the 305 stff is. She listened to me rant for like 30 … Continue reading

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A new video to my daughter Lilly Makar 9/10/16

I make these videos so my daughter Lilly MaKar can hear my voice one day and know not just by text but by voice how much I miss her. Thanks … Continue reading

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I want to see the world burn 10/9/16

I most of the time have a candle burning by me. Most people that know me, which is like no one, that I would like to see the world burn. … Continue reading

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10/9/2016 A new I miss you Lilly Card

I bought a new miss you card, wrote in it and decorated it in minions for Lilly Makar. I keep fooling myself that she gets them Will be mailed out … Continue reading

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