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Amanda Makar – Read This

Dear Amanda Makar Please feel free to try to use thing on this site against me.  Because unlike you I don’t hide who I am from the world. I am … Continue reading

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My struggle with and to see my daughter Lilly Makar

This posted was started as a index to all the posts about my struggle with see and being in my daughters Lilly Makar’s life. Texts between me and Lilly’s Mother … Continue reading

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If you don’t think  anxiety is real

So I went to my PCP at Youngwood Internal Medicine (in Youngwood ) today (Friday 8/26/16). All the staff there seemed nice, it was my first visit.  And I had … Continue reading

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Work on tralier over the weekend. 

I have been, and am still not done putting up “Peal n Stick” back splash style tiles. The cost has had me break this project into four sections which can … Continue reading

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8/23/16 A new I miss you card

I bought some new cards to mail to Lilly Makar today while i was shopping. I will mail this one out tommorow for her. I hope she is getting these … Continue reading

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Lori Bauer telling Michael Granata that he will never see Lilly Makar (Daughter) again.

This is a video recording of a voicemail left by Lori Bauer for Michael Granata (Me) on my cell phone number.  The sum of the message is that she will … Continue reading

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Lilly’s 10th Birthday

I was able after not seeing my daughter, Lilly Makar , to get her so that I could throw her a birthday party. I worked my ass off so that … Continue reading

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PyroFest 2016

Pyrofest 2016 was a blast!!!!!! PyroFest is an affordable community event to promote & celebrate the international art of Pyrotechnics through innovative & unique presentations. This year, PyroFest is sure … Continue reading

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