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My struggle to see my daughter Lilly Makar

This page was started as an index to all the posts about my struggle with seeing and being in my daughters Lilly Makar ‘s life. I love Lilly and Miss … Continue reading

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412 688 6857 is spying on you.

(412) 688-6857 is a number that called me today. They said they where from diversified collections. The lady on the phone denied that they are spying on me but they … Continue reading

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Serving The Higher Self

The ego is simply a way for us to understand and attend to ourselves at the same time as we understand and attend to the world around us. In most … Continue reading

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Card to Amanda Makar asking for visitation 4/7/17

I sent a card today to Amanda Makar asking to take my daughter Lilly Makar to dinner on the 15th. And if she doesn’t respond I will be going out … Continue reading

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My experience with Freedom Pop

I seen the adds for Freedom Pop Cell phone services and money is tight so for 7.99 a month I could not beat it. I also don’t leave home often … Continue reading

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Congratulations on a good report card card 4/7/17

I got my daughter, Lilly Makar’s report card the other day and I did text my ex, Amanda Makar several times to see lilly so i could take her out … Continue reading

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Miss you card to my daughter, Lilly Makar (4/1/17)

I sent out today a new Hello Kitty miss you card to my daughter Lilly Makar. I included two Loomis Bros Circus tickets that gets two kids in for free. … Continue reading

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A card to Lilly’s Mother. 4/1/17

I sent out a card to Amanda Makar in Latrobe, Pa because she will not answer my calls or text messages. So incase she changed her number and didn’t tell … Continue reading

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